Beautiful Portals

Door in Stone


28 Rue de Richelieu... Paris.

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Victorian door

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carved tree door

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17 Very cool door made of copper, Andermatt, Switzerland

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Moroccan door

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Hand Carved Door Frame on The Owner-Builder Network

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♈ ♉ ♊ ♋ ♌ ♍ ♎ ♏ ♐ ♑ ♒ ♓ ☯☮ॐ

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Cottage charm ~ European style.

Kendrasmiles4u - kendrasmiles4u

hand carved doors | hand carved wooden tree front door transitional spaces

hand carved doors | hand carved wooden tree front door transitional spaces - Love Home Decor

AWESOME Dunsmuir Door with Fall Leaf Art Glass by Theodore Ellison Designs and The Craftsman Door Company

News from the workshop of Theodore Ellison

Stained Glass Entry Door by James Hubbell

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New Art Door

Wish I Were on Higher Ground...: May 2011

Wooden door with ornaments and sculptures in old city Gdansk, Poland.

An old wooden door with ornaments and sculptures in old city..

iron gate door....

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Art nouveau door

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Beautiful Portals the clock is integrated so seamlessly into the door it it just looks so natural

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Poznań, Poland | JV

Poznań - Jeżyce, secesja od podwórza - Architektura

Naturally beautiful doors. Need a wooden door handle to go along with your natural wood doors? We'd love to help create exactly what you want.

Organic Chic - Home Trends Magazine

I wonder who consigned this or if it was a blacksmith idea?

Unique Entry Doors: Welcome To Fabulous! - Places in the Home

Detail: Art Nouveau Doorway at 29 Avenue Rapp, Paris by Jules Lavirotte

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~ 'Carved Portal' ~

Exterior Tree Door


Cakes Cakes Cakes: Cakes - Absolutelly gorgeous!

Doors, doors and more doors!