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Knit & Crochet Funnies

Laugh along with these crafty comics!

Knit & Crochet Funnies

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Lola’s Alternate Take on Yarnbombing …

Lola’s Alternate Take on Yarnbombing …

Something's fishy.... it's a new "Out of the Loop," the comic for those who love to knit and crochet!

Emoji for knitters. If only these existed!

Emoticons for Knitters

Lola's definition of a vacation.

Lola’s Vacation in the “Tropics” …

Franklin Habit destashing process

Franklin Habit’s Destash Diary

When you knit or crochet, counting sheep is not the best method to go to sleep. Lola can tell you from experience.

Lola’s Beauty Sleep and the Sheep

2015 Horoscopes for the Yarn Lover

Your Year in Yarn: 2015 Horoscopes for the Yarn Lover

Once a crafter, always a crafter ... #iloveyarn #humor #loom #yarnlove #yarnaddict #yarnstash #yarn #yarncraft #funny (Out of the Loop is created for Lion Brand by Todd Clark. You may know him from the Lola comic series!)

Lola’s Been Making Blankets Since Before You Were Born!

Lola’s Been Making Blankets Since Before You Were Born!

The wolf can't fool Red Riding Hood.

When it comes to a cute baby, even Franklin Habit can't resist knitting something

Lion Brand Notebook

Check out what Lola thinks of our new yarn Ice Cream.

Lola Has a “Brain Freeze” … But Not the Kind You Think

Franklin Habit reveals a small selection of questions he often gets.

Well, Since You Asked…

What an Episode of “Crafting With the Stars” Might Look Like

What an Episode of “Crafting With the Stars” Might Look Like

Lola started her holiday crafting already...

Lola Knits Into the Holiday Spirit …

Lola wasn't planning doing anything for Halloween and then this happened.

Over 6,000 Free Patterns on

What Luke and Leia did when NOT fighting the Galactic Empire.

  • Christi Nickel
    Christi Nickel

    Ha! I would TOTALLY use the force to crochet when my hands got tired. I would probably get to being able to do both at once.

Franklin Habit gives advice on going to fiber festivals.

Expert Advice on How to Be at a Fiber Festival

How Lola takes a selfie or "#scarfie".

Lola’s #Scarfie Style

Lola goes retro!

Lola goes retro!

Franklin Habit's thoughts about the whole "knitting is good for your health."

I Told You So | Lion Brand Notebook

Niftynnifer had a bit of fun when it came to finding the end of her ball of yarn.

  • Debby Hoskins
    Debby Hoskins

    Am so glad to know I'm not the only one who pulls out half the skein trying to find the elusive end! :)

  • Jen Stock
    Jen Stock

    They should knot the tail so you can feel it in the middle of the skein!

  • Joanna Morgan
    Joanna Morgan

    Now, Jen, that's a fantastic idea! Lion Brand - take note!

  • Brooke N.
    Brooke N.

    Add a bead to the inside end so it's easy to find please!

  • Jen Stock
    Jen Stock

    I love the bead idea!

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Find out what Lola's superhero "power" would be.

Lion Brand Notebook