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White Chocolate and Cranberry Pot de Creme via Bakers Royale

White Chocolate and Cranberry Pot de Creme - actually a link to two different recipes; pot de creme (an egg custard dish) and the cranberry sauce tgopping. Both look pretty tasty! Something to keep in mind if I need to do an elegant party dessert.

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

12 asparagus spears 6 prosciutto slices Cut prosciutto strips in half lengthways. Wrap the bottom end of prosciutto over the asparagus start rolling in a spiral up, leaving tip exposed. Fry wrapped asparagus spears until prosciutto is brown and crispy.

Meyer Lemon Pudding

Meyer Lemon Pudding - The Galley Gourmet Vandermeyden. Those of you who haven't tried Meyer Lemons are missing out!

Roasted New Potatoes and Asparagus

The Best Healthy Recipes: Roasted New Potatoes and Asparagus. Roasted New Potatoes and Asparagus.It's Almost Summer Time & Asparagus & New Potatoes Are Plentiful.Time To Do Some Veggie Roasting! Great Side Dish, Beautifully Presented.

Cranberry & Rosemary White “Christmas” Sangria

Cranberry & Rosemary White “Christmas” Sangria this looks amazing. 1 Granny Smith Apple 1 Braeburn Apple 1 heaping Cup Fresh Cranberries 1 large Sprig Rosemary 1 Bottle Pinot Grigio ½ Cup White Grape Juice ¼ Cup Sugar (more, for garnish) 1 Can Club Soda

What Emotion Does Your Front Door Color Evoke? Take a look at this graphic to see the emotional impact of what can be an important source of first impressions. Click through to read more.

Color and Emotion – Doors are the gateway to your home or business. There really are an infinite number of colors that can be used on a door. But, perception of your home or business begins here. The info graphic is from an update is the US Door

The Truth.

It's saying "it's easier to buy a gun then my education" because the government didn't give the people good education at all. They didn't even give them the right to be in school. So it would be easier to buy a gun then education

black bean salad

Black Bean Salad with Corn, Red Peppers, Avocado & Lime-Cilantro Vinaigrette.yumBlack Bean Salad with Corn, Red Peppers, Avocado & Lime-Cilantro Vinaigrette.