Love this outfit.

I love color, but I will FOREVER be a silver/gray girl! Can't go wrong with the jeans & T, and love me some jewelry. And how can you look at that purse & NOT smile?

love the orange

casual orange accents, created by white hair and "winter" coloring doesn't do orange very well.Love this idea.


Navy blue hoodie, denim shorts, navy blue converse, white and blue striped tote, brown belt and accessories/AmazingOutfits

Love the comfy

I'm not really into the slouchy country Western style, but I love the top and the detailing on the boots!

you can never go wrong with jean shorts and a white 3/4 length sleeve top

love the shoes, the necklace, the MK bag.and I always wear a casual white tee with jeans.


Pretty pale pink, white and beige I would love to wear this but caprice pants instead of shorts

A little boho :)

I love the turquoise in this outfit; little bohemian look to it. Is anyone else getting random comments as in advertising to links? longer shorts though


Style Study A-Line Skirt in Gnomes

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summer clothes, cute but I need my shorts a little Cute summer outfit! Maybe I can start layering my summer clothes to wear in winter?

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