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I have an insane calling to travel. I know I was born to travel the world and I wont die without doing so. My soul will forever live and see it all. -jass

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wisdom inspiration quote: travel it's the only thing you can spend money on that will make you richer (pd)

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7 de junio de 2015. "Y no sé en qué momento sucedió. No sé si eso es del todo verdad si quiera. I really don't know".

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Know your worth. If you have a couple solid people in your life you can trust, you're golden. #hatersgonnahate

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Find someone who loves you well. Someone who never belittles you...

Heartfelt Quotes: Find someone who loves you well. Someone who never belittles you.

So True!!! Pay attention to your association and choose carefully! Where are those people in their life? Are they examples of how you want your life to be? How much greatness & accomplishments have they achieved? What hardships have they come thru? Do they love you? Have they ALWAYS been there for you? Lots of things to consider. (JOEL OSTEEN)

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Sometimes following your heart means losing your mind

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May your day be filled with good thoughts kind people and happy moments



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A Prayer For When We Just Can’t Understand

A Prayer For When We Just Don't Understand

Keep trying, believe in yourself

Marilyn Monroe quote removable wall vinyl - Keep Trying Keep Smiling -

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To my jamoule! Mommy loves you. Always, forever, no matter what happens!!!

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Quote - its okay to walk out of someone's life if you don't feel you belong in it anymore

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When the day is over, let it go. - Inspirational Quotes


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Don't give up!

Focus on One Small Change At a Time

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