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Can Social Distancing Boost your Relationship?

While social distancing isn't easy, there are many benefits when it comes to you relationship. Here, experts share how you can strengthen your romance while staying at home.

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35 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Mood

Feeling a little blue lately? Lift your spirits with these simple and effective techniques that are proven to work!

5 Ways to Improve Emotional Intelligence for Better Work Interactions and don't worry, I respect your freedom to your own experience. Emotional Rescue, Small Talk Topics, Life Questions, This Or That Questions, I Respect You, Spark People, Feelings And Emotions, Effective Communication

5 Ways to Improve Emotional Intelligence for Better Work Interactions

By taking steps to improve your emotional intelligence, you can help to promote positive, productive communications with your co-workers and supervisors.

There is a clear link between women who have experienced domestic violence and mental illness. This link needs to be better addressed in mental health services. Women's Mental Health, Mental Health Treatment, Mental Health Services, Mental Health Conditions, Psychology Disorders, Spark People, Emotional Abuse, Emotional Rescue, Stress Disorders

How to Deal With Shorter, Darker Days

Although you may never be quite as cheerful or productive in winter as you are in the summer if you are susceptible to seasonal depression, there are some strategies you can explore to help alleviate depressive symptoms.

A new study has found that stress-related disorders are associated with an increased risk for multiple types of cardiovascular disease, including atherosclerosis (narrowing of the arteries). Chronic Stress, Stress And Anxiety, Anxiety Panic Attacks, Spark People, Brittle Hair, Skin Rash, Sagging Skin, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Hot Flashes

Is It Anxiety or Are You Having a Panic Attack?

Panic attacks can be frightening and overwhelming. By having the right toolset in place, you can teach yourself to regain control of your body and effectively handle future episodes.

If you find yourself facing a pushy co-worker, you don’t have to accept the behavior, nor do you have to engage in a hostile exchange. Keep it positive—yet productive—with these smart strategies. Dont Take It Personally, Improve Yourself, Finding Yourself, Smart Strategy, Burn Out, Spark People, Assertiveness, Work Life Balance, Wellness Tips

How to Gracefully Handle a Pushy Co-Worker

If you find yourself facing a pushy co-worker, you don’t have to accept the behavior, nor do you have to engage in a hostile exchange. Keep it positive—yet productive—with these smart strategies.

Looking for an alternative to prescription anti-anxiety medication? Learn about six herbs and supplements that are natural remedies for anxiety. Feeling Depressed, Feeling Lost, How Are You Feeling, Natural Remedies For Anxiety, Anxiety Remedies, Herbs For Depression, Lost In Life, Signs Of Anxiety, Social Anxiety Disorder

Is It Social Anxiety or Are You Just Shy?

If you experience intense fear in social situations, skip those situations altogether to avoid anxiety, feel physical signs of anxiety and/or feel very self-conscious, you could be experiencing social anxiety disorder.

When your ever-growing task list and ever-shrinking window of time have you feeling like you’re bail Just Don, Take That, Free Diet Plans, Spark People, Mental Health Problems, Relationship Issues, Time Out, Health And Wellbeing, Physical Fitness

The Power of Stepping Aside: 8 Ways to Take a Time-Out

When your ever-growing task list and ever-shrinking window of time have you feeling like you’re bailing water from a sinking boat, your first impulse might be to bail faster. But, while it may seem counterintuitive, a better way to handle the situation might be to put the bucket down—at least temporarily.

The 20 tips to overcome the feeling of being unmotivated with life and work and start living your best self. Low Mood, Spark People, Changing Jobs, How To Attract Customers, The Nines, Yoga Session, New Career, Life Purpose, Monday Morning

11 Ways to Make Mondays Less Dreadful

By making some small, intentional changes in your mindset and behavior, you can put an end to Monday morning melancholy and shift your focus to a fresh start.

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6 Ways to Silence Your Racing Thoughts

Is an overly busy brain keeping you from sleeping, focusing, connecting or otherwise living your best life? Try these tips to slow down your racing thoughts.

How to save money: sex helps you earn more money, study says - Big Think Successful Relationships, Healthy Relationships, Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs, Abraham Maslow, Self Actualization, Financial Stress, Human Connection, Marriage And Family, Abstract Backgrounds

How a healthy sex life can earn you more money

A recent study associated more frequent sex with higher income rates. The initial hypothesis suggested that medical, psychological, and physical positive effects of sexual activity, such as good health, higher immune system, and mental well-being, could influence wage factors in working adults.

This site deals with depression treatment drugs. Mental Health Clinic, Dealing With Depression, Clinical Psychologist, Spark People, Marriage And Family, Psychiatry, Going To The Gym, Health Motivation, How Are You Feeling

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Therapy but Were Afraid to Ask

You’ve heard about the benefits of therapy, but you’re a little uncertain about how to get started. To help ease you into the process, we asked some industry professionals to field some of the most common questions.

Anxiety can harm your libido, ruin intimacy with your partner, and make it harder to have an orgasm. Here's how to dial back feelings of panic, fear, and worry so you can have great sex again. The Mimic, Prostate Massage, Different Feelings, Bad Influence, Women Names, Listening To Music, Male Body, Female Bodies, How To Introduce Yourself

Is It Lust Or Love? - Lisa Bahar

By Jenn Sinrich You might have had an ex that you once said “I love you” to but, years down the line, you realized that you really felt a different kind of “L” word: lust. Whether you came to this conclusion after a bout of serious soul searching or because you finally found “the one” who you feel …

Male Victims of Domestic Abuse is dedicated to support men who are experiencing or who have experienced domestic violence by their female partners. Leaving An Abusive Relationship, Relationship Advice, Emotional Abuse, Signs Of Jealousy, Trouble Anxieux, Gaslighting, How To Get Away, Domestic Violence, Mental Health

Why Spanking Wives and Other Types of Domestic Discipline Is Abusive

Learn more about the practice of domestic discipline including why most researchers believe it is an abuse of power and undermines gender equality.