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Lisa Barksfield

Lisa Barksfield
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Pin for Later: Smoky Lilac Is the Glam-Grunge Hair Colour You Should Try

We've been digging the pastel hair trend (especially rose gold dye), but if you are craving a moodier hue, we've found a grunge-inspired pastel color you

lavender hair :: i think its about the season to go back to my "true" hair color

Girl With White/Silver/Grey Hair In A Messy Ponytail & Long Eyelashes Wearing Lipstick, Nail Polish, A Flower & Word Tattoo And A Black Top (or Dress)

Hand Painted Cloud Ceramic Plate - Pottery Plate - Shallow Bowl - Ceramics and Pottery - Cloud Plate

whimsical design contemporary rustic kitchen and dining wares for interior design Hand Painted Cloud Ceramic Plate Pottery Plate by susansimonini