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    For the coop

    For the coop

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    How to Hatch Chicken Eggs at Home Without an Incubator | eHow

    how many eggs will your chicken lay, signs they are about to lay, and poultry laying problems.

    Signs that you are going to get the First Egg!

    Chickens can be cuddly. here's how to train them

    How To Raise a Chicken As a Family Pet

    grind up pumpkin seeds and feed it to chickens as a natural dewormer

    Sunny Simple Life: Pumpkin Seeds as a Dewormer for Chickens

    Oh No! Not getting eggs?

    4 Reasons Your Hens Are Not Laying Eggs -

    The Egg-Cellent Guide to Chicken Breeds - Wells Poultry Blog

    The Egg-Cellent Guide to Chicken Breeds


    The City Chicken

    Why you shouldn't wash your chicken eggs

    Eggs: To Wash or Not to Wash?

    roost in the run.

    MyLittleRedCoop's album “Avatars” — Photo 4 of 4

    wooden lattice - wind break support - written up very well and with lots of good pics! love this

    Wichita Cabin Coop

    Chicken Coop Ideas. I like the way they handled the run top.

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    "A properly constructed gravity feeder will be the solution to most feeder problems. It can contain as much or as little feed as the handler wishes to keep, it prevents any possible ways for your chickens to get waste into their feed, and it will keep the inside contents dry and pest free."

    Our Little Coop: DIY PVC Chicken Gravity Feeder and Waterer

    Chicken Coop Designs, Chicken Coop Plans, Hen House, Build Chicken Coop, Chicken House

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    City Girl Farming Blog | Raising Chickens, Gardening, Canning, Cooking and Living in the City

    Chicken Exercise

    Recipe for layers...

    The City Chicken

    Ever thought of raising backyard chickens? Here's tips on how to get started. It's easier than you would think!

    Getting Started Raising Chickens

    Raising Chickens: Avoid These Deadly Mistakes When Raising Chickens From Home

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    How to Raise Chickens

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    Chicken Predators and Coop Solutions. Never use so-called "chicken wire" for chicken coops. "Everything Loves to Eat Chicken"

    Chicken Predators and Coop Solutions

    The Chicken Chick®: Chickens' Soup, A Healthy Winter Treat for Chickens

    Chickens' Soup, A Healthy Winter Treat for Chickens

    I'm actually doing this- and I have thousands upon thousands of them happily pro-creating in my garage right now :-) how to raise meal worms to feed the chickens....

    Raising Meal Worms 101

    Chicken Heater & Water Warmer Combination

    Wichita Cabin Coop

    The Family Home | 21 Positively Dreamy Chicken Coops Number 7 is my favorite but the little red school house is a close second

    21 Positively Dreamy Chicken Coops

    Keeping Your Chickens Healthy Through Winter

    Keeping Your Chickens Healthy Through Winter

    10 Boredom Busters for Chickens. Next time you cut a tree down or lose one in a storm, cut it into a few stumps of different lengths. Lined up along the run fencing, this is a favorite area for our chickens to stand and watch the world by by. An added bonus, if you move the stumps periodically or turn them onto their other end, the chickens will have great fun finding the bugs the collect.

    Fresh Eggs Daily®: 10 Winter Boredom Busters for Chickens