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Cool Ideas

Cool Ideas

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Beneath-house pool : Now THIS is a basement!

Make a library out of a closet and add a french door

"Nationwide insurance turned a fictional paint company’s billboard into a colorful, messy disaster in this unique ad, spilling a massive puddle of yellow paint down the side of a building and into a parking lot, even covering several vehicles."

Recessed outlets so that the plugs don't stick out from the wall. Allows furniture to be flat against the wall



Love this!

I need about 50 more clothespins :) !!

twister on the lawn...ingenious!!

Make a canvas with song lyrics on it and place it in your cluster of family photos.


Bicycle sink in the bathroom!!! Cool!

beautiful idea

  • Cheryl Barkley
    Cheryl Barkley

    What a great idea!

Now all those ticket stubs can become kinda artsy :)

Love the wall color!

A dog bed, made from a flipped over side table. Dumbledore would love it!! :)

Ingenious :)


  • Danielle Wilmer
    Danielle Wilmer

    I'd like to swim in that just to see the view. I don't know if I'd be kind of nervous or not haha.

  • Lisa Kopcsándy
    Lisa Kopcsándy

    I know...prob slightly! When I went to Vegas, the Ghost Bar, I believe it was called, had a glass floor and we were at the very top of a high rise. The glass part was on a balcony/ledge area so you could see all the way down to the street. YIKES!! I did stand on it though.

So very cool!

A use for the TV console ... now if I only kept it.