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True dat.

Cyndi Lauper said that "girls just wanna have fun." Pfft, please. Girls just wanna eat without getting fat.

too cute not to pin...look at the tiny one on her tippy love already.

What a sweet kiss in a tutu!, and what a cutie up on her tippie toes to give that kiss.

True :)

I like big books and I can not lie, those other brothers can't deny. When a student walks in with a smiling face and a big book in their face I get sprung, 'cause we like 'em long.

sweetest babies ever

awwww its an aussie! My aussie sky did the same thing with a baby bird that fell from it's nest

nap time

Puppy Cuddling With Teddy Bear cute animals adorable dog puppy animal pets aww funny animals

texas, my texas

texas, my texas. thank God I'm a Texan! Blue Bell ice cream and Lone Star beer made it on there twice.

Stormtrooper family moments.

Star Wars Movies Stormtroopers dad's fathers holding child son children daughters storm troopers up in air

Funny pictures about Bacon My Heart. Oh, and cool pics about Bacon My Heart. Also, Bacon My Heart photos.

and thats why they sparkle

You know, I really don't understand exactly what this quote means, but it sounds pretty awesome just as long as I am one of those girls born with glitter in their veins ;

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