I like the enlargement of the logo on the back as more of an artistic design element, but still incorporates logo/company name so it& practical.

Le Quartanier - couvertures en bichromie - collectif Pointbarre (Canada)

Le Quartanier - couvertures en bichromie - collectif Pointbarre (Canada) - just red and blue have created a strong visual identity.

Witchoria | PICDIT

Geometric Reflections Victoria Siemer (aka Witchoria) Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria produces new and unusual realities by altering expected perceptions of space with geometric shapes.


Sustracción is the result of an editorial collaboration with Andamio, around the photography of architect Fernando Ituarte on the marble mines of Carrara, Italy.Savvy Studio developed a graphic language that conveys the concepts abstracted from Ituarte’…

Witchoria | PICDIT

New York based graphic designer and photographer Victoria Siemer aka Witchoria has created this photo manipulation series of landscapes entitled “Geometric Reflections”…