What just happened?! Mark Ruffalo picked up Chris Hemsworth like it was no big deal and then Tom gives Mark a look like "no he's my brother" *gif*

"This is either a behind-the-scenes shot of Tom, or it's Loki waiting for his bloodstained suit jacket at the drycleaners." - repinning for GENIUS comment :)

Pinterest needs to stop judging me about my Tom Hiddleston pinning. The funny thing is, when you try pinning it for the 3rd time they don't care! Ehehehe! =) ♥

Every time he dances....I could just watch him all day | 29 Times Tom Hiddleston Was Your Perfect Boyfriend

Okay I'm so confused because if it was ladies on AOS then Nat wouldn't be there, but it was ladies who were SHIELD agents then Rena wouldn't be there!<<< I think it was just random ladies of marvel but it was all heroes until Rena

Chris Hemsworth vs. Liam Hemsworth. It's a tough call but we still want you to tell Us which brother looks sexier shirtless!

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