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vintage suitcase charging station

vintage suitcase charging station

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When the Pilgrims Come Marching In Last week I showed how to make indian moccasins, so this week I am making pilgrim shoes. Download the pattern here. Print and cut two soles, one top and one buckle out of black card stock. Cut little slits around the top and fold. There are little dots on the patterns. Line up the "toe dot with the dot on the widest end of the sole. You can glue the "fringe" to the bottom of one of the soles or you can just use scotch tape like I did. Glue the 2 ends together with white glue and clamp until it dries. ( I needed to trim the ends to match) With double stick tape or a glue stick, attach the second sole to cover the tape, Smear glue on the shiny side of the aluminum foil. Wrap it around the buckle. Glue the buckle to the front of the shoe, add nuts and a name tag. Now you can have an all indian table or an all pilgrim one or half and half. You might also like: Moccasins Little Packages Send in the Cl

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