Courtyard of the Plaza Athénée, Paris, France

Here is the most trendy patch of greenery in Paris. Nestled in the golden triangle of luxury, the Plaza Athénée Hotel shelters an amazing courtyard!

Saint Germain des Prés, Place Fürstemberg, Paris

Saint Germain des Prés, Place Fürstemberg, Paris VI looks like a shot from the movie Age of Innocence.

Rue du Mail, Paris.

linen lux by night / rue du mail, paris deco off Photo: LINEN & HEMP COMMUNITY. Rue de Mail in Paris decorated with lamp shadesy. Initiated by Club Masters of Linen in partnership with 29 ‘Editeurs’ and Paris Deco Off.

Paris, France

Paris is just one of those iconic cities every girl has to visit.The culture, landmarks and experiences to be had in the City of Light and Love is where I want to holiday! Every girl's dream is to visit Paris. I am smitten with Paris and what it holds.


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Paris on a bike full of bread - what could be better?

This would be the life (even if for a little while) - to be in Paris, eat bread, and ride a red bicycle with a basket.

Paris: Baccarat restaurant crystal room #bucketlist

The Cristal Room Paris. Attached to the Baccarat Museum in Paris. I like the luxury bench idea - might be useful at the dining room table. 6 of them perhaps?


Not sure where exactly Rue St. Jacques but isn't this black cat a fun addition to the French street sign?

Christmas in Paris; there is a slight chance that I may be visiting Paris at Christmas time this year.

Christmas in Paris (A journey through the city

One of the oldest carousels in Paris near the Eiffel Tower I would love to visit this place in the winter . it is just one of those places where cold weather and snow just intensify the beauty and magic of the the place xx