LOL - "I plan to give you love, nurturing, and just enough dysfunction to make you funny." This is totally my parenting plan. Sam will be amazingly funny if Jim and I have anything to do with it.

Why is "patience" a virtue? Why can't "hurry the fuck up" be a virtue? | Workplace Ecard

Funny Workplace Ecard: Why is 'patience' a virtue? Why can't 'hurry the fuck up' be a virtue?

Ahhhh... thought bubbles in print :)

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Dear Boring People....

Why do all sarcastic and insensitive e-cards depict my life so perfectly. And hilarious.

haha... seriously, have more vodka :)

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Yup - always thought the "week" should be 2 days and the "weekend" 5 days! omg who thinks of this stuff so true


How my apologies should go.if I even make an apology


Only 2 people with a combined IQ of a salad bar would name a kid North West. - mmm salad bar - km

Right?  Giddy-up.

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