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Pushes, pulls and The enormous turnip

I was given a group task at uni to creat a science display on the topic of pushes and pulls. As I am specialising in early years we had to aim it at the ages of years olds. We chose to use the story of The Enormous Turnip as a stimulus.

The enormous turnip story table

set up a theme and tell a story, the kids are not only listening, they can come up with their own ideas to the theme and combine it together and make it as a unique story. Good for centres

Chore Sticks for Kids! {keep track of the chores for your kiddos with this simple system!} #kids #chores

Looking for an easy way to keep track of the chores for your kiddos? Here's what has worked for me ~ Chore Sticks Kids Chores!

Love this super cute interactive alphabet notebook!

Love this super cute interactive alphabet notebook! **great way to keep all the letter crafts together. Pre-k notebook to keep

outdoor play spaces

I love the idea of creating tiny play worlds with kids. & tires are easy enough to come by. (But I would spraypaint them first) -let the children play: imaginative play in a tyre

fine motor tray activity

Preschool fine motor-Spring is a beautiful time for creative projects to work on with your kids. Here is a Spring flower fine motor tray activity for your preschooler.

fine motor

how many cheerios can you stack in 30 seconds, etc. Use pink play dough and the pink yogurt cheerios to make this a Valentine's day school class party game