Large Wood Sign - When I Tell you I love You - Subway Sign

love this an so true! I love my man even thru thick an thin! Large Wood Sign - When I Tell you I love You - Subway Sign-for gallery wall

10" x 11" wooden sign This whimsical sign has black lettering on a turquoise background. distressed/weathered finish Custom orders welcome!

Some See A Weed, Others See A Wish pallet sign

x wooden pallet sign This whimsical sign comes in your choice of: - black lettering on a turquoise background - brown lettering on a white background - white lettering on a stained backgroun

Parenting creed

Parenting Creed - Kids are like SPONGES! They learn to BE from how we treat THEM. One Time Through parenting kids

Positive Thoughts Only Free Chalkboard Printable | Download instantly and use for DIY Wall Art, cards, crafts, screensavers and more!

Inspirational Printables

Think positive! When a negative thought enters your mind acknowledge it and let it go by. Say, "I acknowledge this thought and I am letting it go.

Some women don't understand there's more to having a child than just dressing them up.

You were a good mother the minute Dylan was born. I knew you would be. Dylan is very Lucky to have you as a mom. All his Friends wish you were their mom. You have a very polite well behaved 17 year old boy. I love that boy so much!



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A New Season of Motherhood : Why I decided to "lean out" and become a stay at home mom.

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Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work. -CS Lewis, quotes about children

I need one of these

Large whimsical no soliciting sign with by TheMonogrammedWreath .I'd put another line that has the exception for girl scout cookies!