Lisa Bartkowiak-Weaver

Lisa Bartkowiak-Weaver

Lisa Bartkowiak-Weaver
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Discover the benefits of Carrier Oils! Pinned for you by

Carrier oils are known as base oil or vegetable oil. They are used to dilute essential oils and absolutes before they are applied to the skin in massage and aromatherapy.

It is the perfect time of year to make and can your own spaghetti sauce. This recipe is fabulous and can be processed using the hot water bath method.

Canning Homemade Spaghetti Sauce. Having quarts of homegrown, homemade spaghetti sauce in the pantry is a sure way to pull off a quick, delicious dinner when …

Bush's Baked Beans copycat recipe by Canning Homemade; Will have to try this because we love Bush's but the sodium in it is outrageous.I wanted to give you a chance to see and make the recipe that not only Renee is crazy about the flavor, but to let you d

I just made these baked beans and they are awesome! A very easy canning project for pressure canners! You done have to bake the beans and then can them, so it's my official favorite recipe, AND it's a dead ringer for Bush's BBQ Baked Beans.