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If you can still picture each other, years from now, laughing together, holding hands, and telling secrets then this is the person meant to be in your life. Love is about having that best friend to share life with. ~Me

hug anywhere

Every time my fiancé & I end up waiting in line for something. We end up looking like this couple in the picture! ☺-so sweet!


I loved her hugs and holding her in my arms, feeling like a shield for her from all the bad things in the world. As her warm arms wrapped around me, I knew that she was perfect in every way.

Love is not a thing to understand. Love is not a thing to feel. Love is not a thing to give and receive. Love is a thing only to become And eternally be.

:) Whatever place they are in the picture I want to go there!!

"she loved their hugs. she loved how safe his arms felt, how secure, how much they reminded her of a home, and how he always told her he never wanted to let her go." I didn't come up with that but it's so accurate!

It's what we live for...

When we are grey and old, may our love be strong and our arms hold each other. even if we have to hold our arms up.

Use truck headlights and cab lights in a field with haybales behind you :)

asthesunrisesoverthemountains:bright-and-beyootiful: Melissa Green Photography This is wonderfully beautiful. Engagement pics with trucks.