beautiful flower candle

Candle table centerpiece (inspiration only) Glue fake flowers to the bottom of a tall vase (or to stones you could drop in), fill with water, and top with a floating candle. This is a really cute idea for center pieces!

How To Organize Cords Neatly

Organize those pesky cords! The DIY Organizer with Toilet Paper Rolls is a great idea for a DIY organizer, and it will cost you virtually nothing. Start saving those toilet paper rolls now. Put embellishments for your paper crafts inside.

My Dream Laundry Room

I like the boxed in component. would use this just inside the door of my new room. although my washer will not be a part of this, I love the idea of laundry baskets slid in, Ironing board on the wall and the drying rack above. Simple ideas and functional.

Obsessed with vintage kitchens

Obsessed with vintage kitchens

House Plants Oxalis

House Plants Oxalis

Garden Stepping Stones

How to Make Garden Stepping Stones With Quikrete. This summer I need to get all of the supplies to start doing this every year with the kids.

4th of July Wreath

Red, white and blue wreath. of July! It's made using a foam wreath form and small squares of felt, pressed in to the foam with a skewer stick. Include some springy stars!