lovely. makes you want to sit down at sit a while.

16 Great Patio Ideas

Create a long-term fence by adding a stone wall to your yard. An undulating stone wall creates a barrier while looking stylish at the same time. Find out ways to garden, decorate and incorporate a stone wall into your home's exterior here.

I can almost hear Charlotte and Wilbur.

Weathered barn with mossy roof. The swing and the leaves. the whole picture.

yes. please. til I'm all pruny and water-logged.

You might get bored in a hot tub but you'll never be bored in an outdoor Japanese hot spring. This is Shirahone Hot Springs found in northern Japan

The entrance of the Duluth Public Library, Minnesota. This is super awesome in person!

The entrance to Duluth Public Library in Duluth, Minnesota, is too cool. The Duluth Public Library is located in downtown Duluth, Minnesota. It is a part of the Arrowhead Library System and serves a population of (V)

I'll be right here with a book and a cup of tea (in my mind at least)...

love log cabin / with pot belly stove Good idea if no heat present during winter. (We cooked on our stove and heated our house & water for showers/cleaning, one winter when we were w/o electricity for 9 days.

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