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To embrace that which you find intolerable is not a ‘mental action’. The essence of embracing is the essence of who you are. If you find yourself in effort to welcome that which is painful – then STOP – because where effort is involved, the mind is too. .


I kinda wanna get small birds some where one in honor of my grams who passed away then add a bird each time i lose someone i love

Yes I am posting this because of In the Heights. No I would not get this only because of In the Heights.....okay maybe I would, I mean I already want to get 'alabanza' on my left wrist why not just go for the whole reference? Oh yeah, my right arm is being preserved for Frank Lampard.....

my great grandmother- who is dead now, used to have a small scar on her wrist, everyone wondered what it was from, eventually she admitted she used to have a cross tatoo there, but got it removed. I think its amazing. And also amazing that my great nanna had a tat! but sad she felt like she had to get it removed :(