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Forest Story House. Love it!! But put a bed so you can sleep over. And make it airtight so it's clean and comfortable. Plus thicker so you feel buffeted/secure from the outside - or at least feel the way inside.


Hand made wine cork birdhouse

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at


50 Of The Most Beautiful Places in the World

The bubble gum pink coloured lake, located on the edge of the Recherche Archipelago*s island in Australia, is one of the natural wonders of the worlds. UP THE CLOTHS LINE POLE...


List of plants that will grow in the shade, including foxglove: peace lily, spider plants, jacob's ladder, meadowsweet, Virginia bluebell, columbine, foxglove, flax lili, English ivy, coleus, fuchsia, impatiens, bleeding heart, hosta, solomon's seal, jumpseed, Japanese anemone, leopard plant, ferns. On balcony container gardening.


DIY Insect Repelling Container Garden

Ooooo wonder if it would work on midges! 7626def96a94a1c8a00a2ea3da3f89e3.jpg 500×1,466 pixels


15 Phenomenal Indoor Herb Gardens

IKEA hanging herbs

Black Mondo Grass

Old broken chair + stump = garden chair

Forest Story House