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Holy Yoni

Holy Yoni

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a moon blood offering

Sacred Yoni Heart mixed media painting by Clarissa Callesen

Ice Cave (1950) by Georgia O’Keefe

Jacquie Pratt -- Photos

Thracian sanctuary the womb cave ( aka cave vulva ) dated X1-X century BC is located near village of Nenkovo Kardjali region Bualgaria it was discovered in 2001

Radiant Crowning in Damien Leggett's "Freebirth of Amara"

Radiant Crowning in Damien Leggett's "Freebirth of Amara"

Virga vulva!

Daido Moriyama

Deep cave Yoni in Southern Utah.

ice yoni

Gaia - Mother Earths sacred yoni stone. themagicfarawayttree: “Queen of the Desert” Joshua Tree National Park ~ at the side of the road out past Belle Campground.

Yoni (Sanskrit: योनि yoni) is the Sanskrit word for the vagina. Its counterpart is the lingam, interpreted by some as the phallus. It is also the divine passage, womb or sacred temple (cf. lila). The word covers a range of meanings, including: place of birth, source, origin, spring, fountain, place of rest, repository, receptacle, seat, abode, home, lair, nest, stable.

flow by Danagrrl on deviantART

flow by Danagrrl on DeviantArt

Heather Yoni by Danagrrl on deviantART

Heather Yoni by Danagrrl on deviantART

Black Iris III, 1926 by Georgia O'Keeffe

Black Iris III, 1926 by Georgia O'Keeffe

‘Walk-in vagina’ a discussion addressing women in a patriachal society. By a South African artist, Reshma Chhiba

A familiar looking flower

Vulva-Licious - A familiar looking flower

Grey Line With Black, Blue And Yellow Artist: Georgia O'Keeffe

Ice Cave by Ted Dobosz

Yoni Prayer: Yoni, sacred gateway to and of life and pleasure, I sing an image of your textures and colors. This, and I are a temple and a playground of blossoming mandala of soft, folded flesh. | You are an altar where my lover worships | Center of the heated wildness of me

daisybones: New Etsy Shop Listing - Yoni Prayer

The Womb Cave | Photo taken in Kardjali, Bulgaria

Panoramio - Photo of The Womb Cave

Yoni Rock