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I'd use this as an entertainment room for my daughters. I think girls would love this at any age.

Easy Updates for a Better Laundry Room

Viking Spirit in Colorado : Architectural Digest

Viking Spirit in Colorado


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Tiny doesn't have to mean minimalist! Caravan ~ Vardo ~ Wagon: interior

Caravan by photofervor images / 500px

Floor couch.

My Dream Canvas: The Magic of Figueroa


Organic Suites Embracious Aspen Forest Vanity

22 Domestic Witch Tips, Charms, and Omens

Raven Rin's Pagan Nest: 22 Domestic Witch Tips, Charms, and Omens


Beautiful stone fireplace…

This petrified wood table literally exemplifies long-lasting art. Petrification is a natural process in which minerals replace a plant's organic material, preserving it in fossilized form. Many specimens of petrified wood, such as those found in Arizona, date back by hundreds of millions of years.

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DIY Inpso: Jessie Webster Photography

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jellyfish air plant

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window apothecary garden

roots in pyrex

Colored bottles


Cuddle couch. I want this :)

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Items similar to Functional Sculpture - "Deadwood Table" on Etsy

You like that crap because it reminds you of you.

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© Lance Jordan Creations

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painted IKEA expedits, oversized pin board

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tree trunk tables

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adorable idea to cheer up the laundry room!

Prodigal Socks

62 Pieces of Bookworm-Friendly Furniture - From Shelf-Incorporated Seating to Book Nerd Furniture (TOPLIST)

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I have found it. This company makes bookshelves to fit in your doorway and make a secret room.

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