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I've written over 300 books from short mysteries to epic romances. I own & run a number of websites including BellaOnline, LisaShea, & Namaste.
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Redscale lisa shea photography

Redscale photography film clouds at Fruitlands Museum in Harvard MA by Lisa Shea

Cindy signed up to be a dog foster mommy. Duke, an elderly basset hound, was just the salve she needed to soothe her jagged wounds. His big, soulful eyes reminded her that life offered much to appreciate. Every new rose bush held beneath it the hope of a playful chipmunk or elusive acorn.

Sniffing Out a Crime: Dog Fosterer Museum Mysteries (An Art Detective Dog Lover's Short Story Book

Kathy Taylor had weathered eight rough years as a black female police officer in Boston - but enough was enough. She turned in her badge, moved up north, and set up shop as a private investigator in historic Salem, Massachusetts. Now she's surrounded by Wiccans and herbalists, by crystal shops and psychic pizza-deliverymen.   And her first client has just stepped in the door.

The Lucky Cat - Black Cat Vol. 1 - A Salem Massachusetts Mini Mystery - Lisa Shea

Morgan has become settled in her quiet life in Sutton, Massachusetts. Her peaceful morning yoga routine is assisted by her cat, Juliet. In the evening she guides her kayak across the placid surface of Lake Singletary. Everything is in its place.   When Morgan stumbles across a dead body in the shadowy depths of Sutton Woods, her stability is knocked askew. Jason, the ranger who comes to her aid ...

Aspen Allegations (A Sutton Massachusetts Mystery Book by [Shea, Lisa]