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Lisa Solomon
You can repair anything, It seems impossible, but American artist Nina Katchadourian decided to offer the spiders in a Finnish forest some help by mending their broken webs. The contents of her repair kit: red yarn, scissors, tweezers and glue.

Nina Katchadourian

Nina Katchadourian

Poppytalk - The beautiful, the decayed and the handmade: my make believe collection :: 22 :: tiffany chung Art Day, Chalk Art, 3d Chalk Art, Art, Black And Grey Tattoos, Textile Fiber Art, Book Art, Dark Fantasy Art, Map Art

my make believe collection :: 22 :: tiffany chung

installation of tiffany chung's work at SFMOMA i took my class to SFMOMA a month or so ago. i wanted them to see jay defeo's work because we had just read an article on the rose [her famous painting]. we ended up also seeing the six lines of flight show. and i had one of those OH moments. i was familiar with many of the artists in the show. liked the idea of thinking about contemporary art in multiple geographic locales. and then turned the corner and was face to face with tiffany chung's…

Zé Carioca series, by Rivane Neuenschwander, In some installations, the artist invites the viewer to write their own thoughts into the speech bubbles with chalk

Tara Donovan: installation art w/ ordinary products: paper plates, styrofoam cups, buttons, fishing line, etc.

tara donovan - paper plate sculpture

Woman Reading a Letter, Johannes Vermeer, c. 1663 - Johannes Vermeer - Artists - Explore the collection - Rijksmuseum Fine Art, Woman Reading, Rijksmuseum, Dutch Artists, Vermeer Paintings, Johannes, First Art, Johannes Vermeer, Art History


An in-depth, illustrated study of Woman in Blue Reading a Letter by Johannes Vermeer

my make believe collection :: 20 :: frances stark - i must explain specify rationalize classify, etc, vinyl, paint, laser print on paper Print, Artist Inspiration, Print Making, Illusions, Colorful Prints, Book Art

my make believe collection :: 20 :: frances stark

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toba khedoori, untitled chairs, oil and wax on paper 11 x 30 feet

toba khedoori, untitled chairs, 1997, oil and wax on paper 11 1/4 x 30 feet

Tara Donovan, Haze, 2003 Stacked Clear Plastic Drinking Straws Dimensions Variable Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, CA Fall 2005

tara donovan - haze - an installation on walls done with plastic straws. i want a room like this

my make believe collection :: 14 :: yuken teruya

my make believe collection :: 14 :: yuken teruya

Contributor post by Lisa Solomon Notice Forest series - burger king bag i first spied yuken teruya's work in a home. i was sitting talking to the collector and across the room i saw this bag - and did it have a tree IN it? when there was a break in our conversation i walked over to it and was instantly smitten. there was a tree. painstakingly carved from the top of the bag and then gingerly dropped into the interior. the whole piece and what it encompassed - a tree makes a bag, the bag makes…

my make believe collection 16 :: amy boone-mccreesh Installation Art, Texture Design, Color Theory, Sculpture, Artsy, Art Inspiration, Contemporary Art, Soft Sculpture, Fiber Art

my make believe collection 16 :: amy boone-mccreesh

Contributor post by Lisa Solomon all idols fall, 2011, mixed media, 43" x 72" i don't know what the weather is like where you are, but we in the bay area are getting drenched and very grey today. sometimes on days like this i just want to be surrounded by something really bright. amy boon-mccreesh is going to help me out. i've been thinking a lot lately about what we do culturally to celebrate and memorialize things - like banners and streamers and other decorations. i came across amy's work…