Aluminum foil, wax paper, etc. dispenser... inside the pantry. i love this idea! Pottery Barn~

Organize Paper Towels, Wax Paper, Aluminum Foil, Parchment Paper, or Plastic Wrap with this Pottery Barn Roll Dispenser

Shabby pink glasses

Depression glass is clear or colored translucent glassware that was distributed free, or at low cost, in the U. around the time of the Great Depression. I love these depression glasses.


The charming Small Nkuku Eva Hand Painted Enamel Bowl is both functional & decorative. Buy a range of Nkuku Enamelware bowls online

sour cream glasses

I would totally collect these if I had the room and if I ever really used small glasses. Although they would make good wine glasses, if I drank wine - vintage sour cream glasses- these would make cute juice glasses!

Old school Pyrex

Vintage Pyrex casserole dishes in a rainbow of colors including red Friendship, blue Snowflake, & aqua Butterprint patterns


Not too long ago I found the bottom PYREX dish (black/snowflakes) at a thrift store. I was thrilled to pieces. I use my PYREX at least once everyday. I serve, bake, prepare and adore my PYREX. My humble opinion.You can never have too much PYREX!

adorable dishtowels!

Are you interested in our PIP Studio Chinese Rose Tea Towel? With our PIP Studio Chinese Rose Tea Towel for kitchen you need look no further.

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