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Pixiv Id Axis Powers: Hetalia, United States, Hamster (Personification), Hands, Sunflower Seeds

Disney and sisters

I sure do love my little sisters! I can't imagine not being their big sister, they definitely helped shape me into the person I am! Love you!

Anime, not sure if this is L from Death Note...(nether do I its a little different but still cool lookin

"L" Lawliet from Death Note.or BB from Death Note.or Jeff the killer.jdje shgsjkejusu, still hot whoever you are.


This girl watches the water rise as the moon pulls it closer. She is one with both the moon and the water.

kurosaki-kun no Iinari ni nante naranai/ The boy reminds me a boy who used to behind me in the class and he always teasing me with his foot like exactly the photo and the girls reminds me who always has this reaction when he's trying to distract me!

Himeji, a little pixie who loves strategy games and likes to play the queen in chess.