Lisa Oleksyn Timmer
Lisa Oleksyn Timmer
Lisa Oleksyn Timmer

Lisa Oleksyn Timmer

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Chocolate Caramel Pecan Pie

A no bake Chocolate Caramel Pecan Pie that is raw vegan, gluten-free, & paleo. Perfect to suit any food preferences these holidays! Incredibly easy to make.

We are so lucky that Be Love Restaurant, located in Victoria BC, has shared their most favourite 3 recipes with us! Be Love Restaurant is an offering of su

Pecan Coconut Truffles

So yesterday I had this great idea. I was going to make a sweet spread out of pepitas and pecans. You know, with a little spice for the season? Well my idea was a fail because my spread never got to the right consistency. So instead of scrapping the whole thing, I turned them into …

Make This Delicious Molten Lava Cake

Molten Lava Cake - Dr. Axe

DIY for croup #croup #YLEO

9 Health Benefits of Beets (+ 11 Amazing Recipes!) - Get Healthy U

Eating beets helps detoxify your body, reduces inflammation and more! Try these 11 amazing recipes to receive all the benefits beets have to offer.

No Bake Fruit Tart (Sugar-Free, Vegan & Gluten-Free)

No Bake Fruit Tart (Sugar-Free, Vegan, Gluten-Free & Paleo) - Healy Eats Real