Fill a glove w/beans, pearled barley, etc, give a few pats with it and slip quietly away.

Fill a glove with beans, pearled barley, rice, etc.give a few pats and slip quietly away. Rated This was a LIFESAVER when my daughter was an infant. She went through a phase where she needed my hand on her back to go to sleep.

Tree skirt out of 70" round tablecloth

DIY Ruched Tree Skirt for $12

DIY tree skirt out of a round table cloth. Totally needed a tree skirt and my round table broke so now I have a table cloth without a purpose that now has a new purpose.

DIY bag.  [site not in English but directions are]

Super Easy Tote or beach bag Pattern

Origami Dresses, link to tutorial on YouTube.

Sweet Origami dresses Tutorial-want to make this as a banner for baby shower

2- 45mm carpet blades for $2 instead of rotary cutter blades at a much higher cost.  A quilter tipped me off to this and they work just the same!

Willing to give it a carpet blades compared to expensive rotary cutter replacement blades! A quilter tipped me off to this!

box bag tutorial

This is one of the better free photo sewing tutorials I've found. The Wee Bee Boxy Pouch is a cute boxy bag with a little bit of hand embroidery. As always, make

DIY silk butterfly wings

Silk scarf Butterfly Wings Tutorial Perfect for little girls to play dress up.

Felt cuff tutorial...for a wonder woman costume!!! @Amanda!

super hero cuffs cool geek chic bracelets accessory from felt, let out your inner wonder woman

Fabric scrap keychain

25 Handmade Gifts Under $5

I love this idea. Fabric Scrap key chains for all the random keys.


petitspetitstresors: Liho’s Tanja dress, just fabulous shape and color…