Free community workers to download, for coloring pages, paper dolls, stick puppets, etc. 12 total. From First Palette.

Community Helper Stick Puppets - could make these with real pics if our school community helpers

Ice Cream Shop Small World - The Kindergarten Connection

Ice Cream Shop Small World

Make a play ice cream shop that your kids will love! Includes a free printable "order form" to play with! Could buy ice cream stuff and use with playdough for playdough ice cream fun

.. Chandeleur .." Toque du petit chef "

" Toque du petit chef " Plus

Community Helpers « Kristen's Kindergarten

Community Helpers

One last new thing today and then I’m going to bed! :) When we return from Winter Break, we will begin a 6 week long unit about community helpers and government (talking about how we organiz…