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42 Pictures That Will Make You Almost Too Happy

If this ain't the cutest dog pic I've seen in a while....... :-) ** note, I still think it's cute, but now that I look at it again, also a little... Smart-arsey and perhaps a little "I -know -something -you -don't -know" ish Just sayin'....

Husky during the seasons…

Husky during the seasons… Yep. Huskies have the most amazing zest for life!

The basis for all training starts with introducing your dog to critical aspects of the hunt at critical times in his development. Regardless of whether you’re raising a pointer for quail, a retriever for mallards, or a hound for raccoons, new experiences should always take place in a controlled environment and be a positive experience.

Invites a dachshund to her sits on dress. You know dachshunds don't like a cold floor!