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Santa Fe, NM  ·  What's A StoryShard? They are the sacred guiding memories and motivating themes of your life. It's an archaeological dig through your personal narrative.
Lisl Dennis StoryShards
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Reflective modernist "moucharabieh" in the Ladies Loo at the Arab Center in Paris invites a conversation around complexity in our lives, and how life patterns are perceived. Lisl Dennis' upcoming women's retreat STORYSHARDS at HOLLYHOCK on Cortes Island, BC, September 13-18, includes visual vignettes from Paris. Story guide and visual artist,  Lisl finds metaphor and meaning everywhere she goes – crafting a new fusion of creativity, imagery and personal story sharing.

StoryShards Reform the Vessel of Your Life, About Lisl Dennis

Wisteria, Lake Como, Italy

Italy - Lake Como: Wisteria Blues Wisteria marks the height of spring in Lake Como, Italy. From Wiki: Lake Como is a lake of glacial origin in Lombardy, Italy. One of the most beautiful lakes in Italy.