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Love quote idea - "a sky full of stars and he was staring at her" {Courtesy of Atticus Poetry}

"She was an adventurer at heart; but oh how she loved drinking this tea from this mug in this chair. Oh how she loved to be home.

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And till the end you're my very best friend. I guess the beginning of the end really was when you told me you understood of we could no longer be friends. That signified how little my worth was to you and nothing could prepare me for that.

I love this line. Cecilia and the Satellite.

Cecilia And The Satellite - Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness // September 2015

C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

Photo (A Life Lived Well)

We can't focus on our mistakes, if we do we will never live life the way God wanted us to. Without God and his purpose for our lives we are nothing but our mistakes. I'm so thankful for his example of repentance and grace in my life.