DIY- Pallet Dog Bed

DIY Pallet Dog Bed - We have a million pallets sitting in our yard & at the shop right now! Such cool things you can do with free pallets!

Coffee and a good book in a tub.

Our Tub Caddy is a bathtub tray made from eco-friendly reclaimed wood. Enjoy a book as you relax in a hot bath, and use it as a bathroom shelf when you’re done.


I possess a strong love for literature. Once I have my classroom, I hope to have a stack of books similar to this for my students to read. Literature has the power to teach us things about the world, but most importantly, things about ourselves.

White coral.

I love adding a piece of coral into my décor. I don't want it to look like a beach theme, just a pretty piece of natural art.

croquet in the backyard... Growing up in the 70's

croquet in the backyard. Growing up in the I remember playing croquet with my grandmother