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Baby Tracksuit

Ninja style up-cycled Size 1 tracksuit pants (and matching top)

32 Simple And Cute Nail Art Designs

Its summer– time for crazy colorful nails. Use your favorite idea and add some color on your nails. Would it be colorful stripes of flowers on your nail on

Cheetah nails are easy with Avon's nail dotter and brush.  And polish colors, boy do we have them!

Pale Blue Nails with Brown / Tan / Pastel Blue Leopard Design Accent Nail easy Free Hand Nail art I'm not a big fan of leopard nail art however, I think this one was a little better done and looked a little classier. So this was an exception

I'm thinking about getting a tattoo to remember Riley by. I like baby footprints idea. I just need to decide where to put it... Love the wrist tattoo, just not sure if I should have one or not.

aweee i really like this idea, this might just be my next tattoo. Small Footprints Tattoo On Wrist in memory of our baby we lost in a miscarriage