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Kool-Aid Dye Chart --what flavors to mix to get your desired color to dye fabrics and yarns!

Did you ever think of using kool-aid as a dye? me neither. But it totally works. Here are some awesome examples: Kool-aid dye chart for fabr.


Crafted out of plastic clothespins arranged in rows, Peg Carpet was created by Dutch art collective We Make Carpets and is a feat of layering and precision

Harry smith #photography

Love this photograph by Harry Smith. The contrast of a white house and ladder full of balloons is just plain happy-inducing. Wouldn't this make a unique and modern party decoration? (photography by harry clark; spotted on eileenede)

Chalk Pastel Palettes (photo By Elsie Larson)

Chalk pastels are one of my favourite art supplies. Sure, they're messy but that's the beauty of them! The different layers of colourful dust mixing across a box layered with vibrant sticks and shards of hue. There is a new palette each time yo .

penciled color

Love this photo of the end of colored pencils! These colors make me happy and the photo is heaven to me. Be inspired to create something beautiful either inspired by the palette or the shapes.