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Love the color.

Short brown hair with highlights and lowlights. Short brown hair with highlights and lowlights. Short dark brown hair with highlights and lowlights.

Highlights & Lowlights - Hairstyles and Beauty Tips

Great layered haircut with blonde to platinum highlights and brown lowlights. More Hair Styles Like This!

Long bob.

Long angled bob cut with a blonde base and light brown lowlights. Kind of think I could pull off this cut and color


Brown hair with Blonde with highlights.this is my hair color. My brown and blonde highlights and colors are all natural tho! I never got highlights yet this is the hair I have!

Red & blonde with highlights - OMG!  I have always wanted to do this with my hair!

I love this red and blonde hair combo!it's official when i dye my hair back blonde i am getting bright red peak a boo highlights in it! I don't want that much in my hair but maybe the underneath part

Love this short hair cut

The typical kinds of bob hair cuts are the A-line bob, the asymmetric bob, the graduated bob, the layered bob, and angled bob. It is easy to do a bob hair.