Little Gold Pixel Brand Inspiration

A collection of branding ideas I love. Used as inspiration for rebranding Little Gold Pixel.
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The New Salted Ink Brand Design

The New Salted Ink Brand Design Branding By Salted Ink visit the new site at…

Molly M Design

Circular geometric inspiration Beautiful laser cut prints by Molly M Design - The patterns’ simplicity and intricacy is so visually appealing

Ohhhh, I could easily do something like this with some old wine bottles and spray paint!

Undercurrent Teal Ink: Art Print, Ocean Art, Surf Watercolor, Abstract Watercolor #oceanart #oceanwatercolor #greenmachine

Undercurrent emerald ink - Teal and emerald greens show the layered depths of the ocean and its activity in this highly saturated watercolor and ink painting. The fluidity


A specially designed diamond with an angled face was arrayed to convey falling golden gradients of colour in the studio’s third installation for the Dubai Mall.

Otto Piene, Gold Rush, 2006

'Gold Rush' by German artist Otto Piene Clay, glaze, onglaze fire gold, 26 x x 1 in. via the Mayor Gallery

ink + water

Disastro Ecologica by Albert Seveso: High-speed photographs of ink mixing with water. I love the photos of ink mixing in with water