Recycled Spoon Garden Markers

DIY Recycled Spoon Garden Markers- WHAT? I was looking at Garden Markers at Palmers last week; now it's looking for a project to start, and this is calling my name. Thrift stores, and herb garden, here comes my coin collection.- gotta make these!

Wagon Wheel Herb Garden

wagon wheel herb garden This reminds me of a scene in "When Harry Met Sally" - ". I will never want that wagon wheel coffee table." :^D Love the wagon wheel herb garden though.

window frame against wall

Inspiration- Vintage table repurposed, vignettes, tin flower containers, repurposed old window frame. Love this gardening station idea


Top Backyard Country Gardens

Old garden bench made of wood and decorated with plants and flowers, simple and charming garden decorations

Something to do with those black plastic nursery pots! - JUNKMARKET Style

A way to recycle all those black pots!Whimsical Yard Art from recycled plastic pots - JUNKMARKET Style

Turn inexpensive crystal vases and bowls into garden "mushrooms"!

Homestead Survival: Crystal mushrooms made from cheap florist vases, bowls and light fixtures. Yard sale finds: cheap florist vases, bowls and light fixtures and waterproof liquid silicone as a glue makes crystal mushrooms for your garden.

Wow!!  One day for Kirby . . .

Funny pictures about Old Piano Turned Into Outdoor Fountain. Oh, and cool pics about Old Piano Turned Into Outdoor Fountain. Also, Old Piano Turned Into Outdoor Fountain photos.

So cute - gonna do this on my fence!

garden boots by Rosina Huber, I think this is so adorable and going to keep my eyes peeled at the thrift stores for some colorful boots to plant in and hang on our fence that surrounds our playground.


Uses for pottery

Too funny . Yard/Garden Art - Biking Clay Pot People - clay (or plastic) plant pots connected to create a person riding on old bike frame !

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