Scorpio as a child, teenager, adult

Scorpio as a child, teenager, adult. Descriptions seem accurate. Im a teenager, so i wouldn't really know about the adult stuff. and i always to succeed in keeping good grades, though it may not be my top priority.

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Never try to pull the wool over a Scorpio person's eyes. Chances are said Scorpio can see right through your lies! You won't want to feel their intimidating stare either! It's best to keep on the Scorpio person's good side :)


Is this the Scorpio in me? I choose Scorpio because it's just so much more fun!


I am Scorpio, the sex sign of the zodiac. Many Scorpios possess a suspicious outlook and need t.

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November- Scorpio-All Zodiac ((Born to two Sagittarius's parents!


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being a scorpio


The atomic bomb over Nagasaki was less destructive than a Scorpio is!


Biggest Fears of Scorpio: -Not knowing what's going on/being lied to (by loved ones). -Ultimate betrayal (which is why they do everything to protect themselves from it).


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This is why Chris is my perfect match.

Tips for dealing with a Scorpio: intensity and stability ♡


Scorpios don't want what others can have, they are and will make thier lover feel important, desired, and craved for.


Subway Art Sign Scorpio Zodiac Typography Print by PaperBleu. That's me alright!

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Scorpio-As a mother to 2 Scorpio girls.


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