"High school football players are notorious for being bullies, not guardian angels. That’s why it’s so surprising to hear what one entire football team did for a special young man named Zachary. They changed his life forever, but not because they were tormenting him." His mom wanted to share her "story of hope and inclusion." #love #charity

This is a story of why Americans make America great not the other way around. We don't need a governing body to tell us what to do right. Pay attention to the opposing coaches reaction to the situation. This is the decent America we are told is gone

5 Ways We Can Teach Men Not to Rape (Read more at EBONY) By Zerlina Maxwell, March 2013

5 Ways We Can Teach Men Not to Rape - News & Views - EBONY - Zerlina Maxwell offers ways to prevent rape without making women responsible for the crimes committed against them

{to read:} Active shooters in schools: The enemy is denial. PoliceOne Edit. in Chief Doug Wyllie, 5/2010    “How many kids have been killed by school fire in all of North America in the past 50 years? Kids killed... school fire... North America... 50 years...  How many?  Zero. That’s right.  Not one single kid has been killed by school fire anywhere in North America in the past half a century.  Now, how many kids have been killed by school violence?”  So began an extraordinary daylong…

Active shooters in schools: The enemy is denial. Preventing juvenile mass murder in American schools is the job of police officers, school teachers, and concerned parents.

Devout Mormon suspended from college class for refusing to ‘stomp on Jesus’. March 2013

Ryan Rotela, a devout Mormon attending Florida Atlantic University at Davie, Fla., was suspended from his intercultural communications class for refusing to stomp on a piece of paper with the name "Jesus" written on it, CBS affiliate WPEC reported Th.

9/11: On That Day {theskitguys.com video} #usa

Nearly Innocent People Died at the Hands of Terrorists - Watch & Share This Intense Video - Misc Video

to read: CONSERVATIVES ARE COMPLETELY WRONG ON COMMON CORE. Posted by Michael Lotfi November 25, 2013

Conservatives Are Completely Wrong On Common Core. Michael Lotfi has some good points. Employ your critical thinking skills here.

Icelandic girl fights for right to her own name.    Crazy. Her name "is not on the list of 1,853 government-approved female names."

Icelandic girl fights for right to her own name

A is suing the Icelandic state for the right to legally use the name given to her by her mother. The problem? Blaer, which means “light breeze” in Icelandic, is not on a list approved by the government. (via Associated Press)

Harambe -- "This tragic choice arose only because we keep animals in zoos . . . Zoos warp our understanding of these wonderful beings" Love the whole article: The Cincinnati Zoo's problem wasn't that it killed its gorilla. It's that it's a zoo.

The Cincinnati Zoo’s problem wasn’t that it killed its gorilla. It’s that it’s a zoo.

Death : May Harambe:a 17 year old lowland gorilla was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo when a 4 year old boy managed to get into his enclosure. Not sure what Harambe would do with the boy, the gorilla was killed.