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28 Seriously Amazing “Harry Potter” Questions Raised By Tumblr…

28 Seriously Amazing Harry Potter Questions Raised By Fans


apparently you should actually only use 'said' but hey, you do it your way >. Helps for writing a book

Casual Klance is what gives me life. (o fack my children)


//Great space parents, but I don't ship it.

credits to ikimaru on tumblr

(no offense but ikimaru is an amazing artist)

He looks HOT like this, I'm so proud. A+++

lance: look, new hair keith: [gay crisis intensifies]

voltron keith | Tumblr

This is either nico or will. You decide XD

Laughing paladins by maryomahmed #voltron #fanart :: thanmnsmk u ffor my life

lets see our space fam crying from laughter instead of wondering where on earth hide and seek champion Shiro is.