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The Speech Bubble SLP ( TM )

Materials, information and tricks from The Speech Bubble SLP :)

The Speech Bubble SLP ( TM )

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Paper plate color changing chameleon craft for kids! brilliant!

Everyday Tools to help with Everyday Behaviors | Pinning as a reminder! Love these ideas for sensory input #parenting #sensoryfix Project Sensory


Interesting thoughts about expanding the SLP profession into the corporate world.

The Corporate SLP?

Interactive, portable, and editable...TRIFECTA!!!

All About Verbs FLIP BOOKS (Editable slides included)

Great Spring Themed pack!

Springtime Grammar & Vocabulary Activities

I'm obsessed with NO PREP and this is perfect, just in time for spring!

Springtime Themed No Prep Speech and Language Activities

Great ideas for getting outside in nature during speech!

“I Spy” Nature Walk Activity And Craft

Great post about the ZONES of Regulation.

Using the Zones of Regulation Curriculum in Therapy!

Antonym activity with great visual for each word! Different levels so it could even be used as an intervention!

Antonyms with Sid the Kid

NO PREP book companion that can be used with just about ANY BOOK! For grades K-7!

The 'Any Book' Book Companion * No Prep *

A quick screen or WH-Questions using REAL PICTURES for context! Great for grades pre-K to 2nd.

The 'WH' Question Screener

SLPs in the corporate world...maybe?

The Corporate SLP?

Speech Therapy for /r/: All the variations - YouTube

the 7 types of dysarthria, a visual guide Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

SLP_Echo Photos

Antonyms work with great visuals for each word! Perfect for K-2!

Antonyms with Sid the Kid

Can't find activities for the book you got? Maybe you did but have no time to prep them. This packet has activities that can be paired with just about ANY BOOK!

The 'Any Book' Book Companion * No Prep *

Looking past the 'label'

Looking Past the Label

A great post with collaboration tips!

The Teacher and the Speech-Language Pathologist: Tips for Effective Collaboration

Crack The Code Sight Words! Use initial (beginning) sounds to make and read sight words. Purchase each level separately or save 50% when you purchase the bundle!

Great activity for K-2nd graders who need to work on antonyms! Matching plus worksheets for practice and homework!

Antonyms with Sid the Kid

Great tip for helping students monitor their own disfluencies.

Fluency Monitoring Quick Tip

Check out this crazy fun and super versatile therapy activity!

Goldieblox in the Speech Room

Quick screener and progress monitoring for WH-Questions!

'WH' Questions: Quick Screener

Not the largest list I've seen, but it's sure to give you some ideas to make your resume stand out. <|>

Best Free CV & Resume Templates

Aesthetically much better but I wonder what employers truly think of them...A good design makes a HUGE difference. Here are some tips to make your resume stand out.

Can Beautiful Design Make Your Resume Stand Out?