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Relieve a panic attack or just help yourself relax with this simple yoga breathing technique. Do it several times a day, every day, for best results.

Breathing exercise to help stop panic attacks. This was a huge help for me, since I hyperventilate usually. It also forces you to focus on your breathing instead of what is causing your panic attack

If I were ever to make a list of things that I'd promise myself, this one would be tough to beat

I promise myself.and I am adding I promise to live my life with joy and love, joy to be experiencing life and love for all that is. I promise to laugh my ass off every chance I get, and when the opportunity doesn't present itself I will make one.

Challenge yourself this month!

31 No-Brainer Ways to Challenge Yourself Every Day

For those who have a special place in my heart

8 years ago today at I lost a very special person in my life, my grandpa who was also my dad. I know I have a guardian angel watching over me everyday and by my side. Love you grandpa I know you are in a beautiful place with God!

Beat the Blues: 32 Surprisingly Simple Ways

20 ways to reduce stress

20 Ways to reduce stress or anxiety. Before it bubbles over, take time every day or week to lower stress levels by practicing self-care. To find out more about depression and anxiety counseling

Isn't it ironic how finding the answer to happiness is sometimes just so serious? We try by listening to scientific studies or following positive mantras, but sometimes it's the things you never thought of that can lead to a sunny disposition. Ahead, check out 36 of those unexpected things, and get ready for a whole lotta smiling in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1.

From Silly to Serious: 36 Unexpected Ways to Get Happy Now

Ahead, check out 36 of those unexpected things, and get ready for a whole lotta smiling in 3 .

In loving memory of so many loved ones

Grief will break your soul. It is a pain that never subsides. Living with grief is hell on earth. I miss you my dear son. I am losing the will to live because when you died so did I.

Stress and Anxiety Relief

Coping Techniques for Stress and Anxiety. my favorite after adifficult counseling session is to pull up my Sudoku app on my mobile and work on a puzzle to refocus logical brain and quiet limbic system.


In memory of my Dad,, Feb I miss you Dad! In memory of my Dad. Feb I miss you Dad!

In memory of Jesse Dale Orchard Sr. 1/3/2007, such a great man whom we will always miss!!

Been really missing my and miss you so much, until we meet against you will be forever in my heart ❤️