Abandoned Manor House, near Paris

abandoned manor house near paris. 'Tis but a dream to go buy an old manor house in Europe, restore it and live in it till I die

Snow in Trafalgar Square, London

Snowy Day, Trafalgar Square, London photo via sandra. My daughter and I spent so much time at Trafalgar Square when we went last October

Paul and I used to live in Eastborne, Wellington,NZ. We watched as the beach hits changed col over the seasons. Colorful Beach Huts at Mudeford Sandbank,New Zealand

Christmas Market in Munich, Germany  This is a wonderful Market been their in 2007.

Christmas Market in Munich, Germany.would love to go back to Munich over Christmas! / oh now I kinda not sure where shall we be for celebrating Christmas:(( so many choices in EUROPE fml

Check out Maya Bay, Thailand for an exotic getaway this year! #travel #destinations

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