travel sketching spesso, le cose più semplici e spontanee sono le cose più belle. the most simple and spontaneous things are the most beautiful things

Travel Sketches by Ricardo Agraz, via Behance

Minimalism is so awesome because you know what is happening just the same without the needy detail. Although as an artist the detail is the part with the most fun!

Lise Herzog : Portfolio : Croquis & Carnets

Lise Herzog : Portfolio : Croquis & Carnets interesting mixture of pictures. Notice how the red and the name pull you in first then your eye looks at the outside details.

Jeremy Soudant

Jeremy Soudant - reportage, drawing on site at Kew

Staithes cottages by John Harrison, artist, via Flickr

This image was originally drawn whilst sitting on a train, therefore created the natural form of wavy lines in the drawing - this achieves a more relaxed style of drawing. Experiment with other architectural landscapes.