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6th Grade Number Talks

I wanted to have examples of number talks, methods and activities that could be used in a 6th grade classroom. I also wanted a visual reference for what a number talk looks like in a 6th grade classroom.
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Multiplication Number Talk Chart - finally, an example of someone who does math like I do...ks


Math Anchor Charts

Number Talks and Science in Real Life

Math Coach's Corner: Math Get Acquainted Activity. Here's a little activity that reinforces math vocabulary, gets students up and talking to each other, and requires them to read and follow directions. The vocabulary is geared for 5th or 6th grade, but a blank template is provided so you can customize it!


Math Coach's Corner: Math Get Acquainted Activity

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Aha!....Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers

While reviewing fractions for the 4th Math LEAP test last week I had an aha moment. I was drawing the model for a mixed number and I realized that I had not really focused on converting improper fractions to mixed numbers. Well, I continued with my mixed number review but I sat there talking to talk


Aha!....Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers - IgnitED

Teacher Talk: More EDM Anchor Charts Unit 6 and 7

A Rocky Top Teacher: Number Talk and Five for Friday

“Surely 3.12 is a lot bigger than 3.2 because 12 is bigger than 2…!” said one of my students the other day. I do see where students are coming from with this misconception and you can dive into place value and talk about hundredths being smaller than tenths, but another model that I’ve found successful is the “zooming in on the numberline” approach:

Decimal line zooming | Great Maths Teaching Ideas