Steampunk outfit!

steamgirlofficial: Those of you who visit Steampunk Couture are no stranger to the lovely and talented Rin, who has helped Kato model her latest designs on many occasions. Well now she’s ready to drop your jaws again, this time by showing you a lit

steamgirlofficial: As we’ve been saying all week, Rin originally started working…

Rin originally started working for Kato by being a model for Kato;s steampunk fashion site, Steampunk Couture.

Women's fashion Steampunk DIY - How to recreate this costume (Steamgirl Kato's…

Steampunk DIY: How to recreate Steamgirl Kato's Steampunk Burlesque Dancer Costume - high-low tiered ruffle skirt, grey underbust corset, aviator hat, goggles, lace up boots -- includes examples for each item - where to buy each piece